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August 11, 2020

CHT 2020 VERSION 24C.01.00

Another Non-English .APP

• hndapps\ (APP)
• hndapps\hndacces.dct (DCT)

In an on-going effort to help developers understand the use of CHT Tools for non-English applications, this app illustrates how to configure for non-English language queries with non-English keywords and column headers labels and messages.

For a full-Dutch effect we've exported HNDCUSTOM.TRN from HNDFBACKBUILDER.APP to the /libsrc/win/ directory using the "Dutch" setting. The app has been globally configured on the AACHTControlPanel's "Config->Global Settings->Translation" tab to use option #2.

The #2 option causes the app to read itslabels, keywords and messages from HNDCUSTOM.TRN instead of the usual HNDFBACK.TRN (English) file.

Further, on the CHT HMB browse template interface under: "HMB Three Tab->Built-In Locator->Locator-As-Filter->Configure-Query Keywords" we've checked "Keywords defined from translation file?". This over-rides the older behavior using a developer-editable "Query Keywords Definition File" called "HNDPARSENEW.TXT' normally located in the app directory.

While this older method using HNDPARSENEW.TXT is still available unchanged, for use as always, the introduction of the HNDCUSTOM.TRN file exported from HNDFBACKBUILDER.APP in the language of your choice, provides a more complete translation impact on your applications. All labels, keywords, messages and string prompts used by CHT classes are under the total control of the developer via the translation file, HNDCUSTOM.TRN.

Remote Data Access Client

• hndapps\ (APP)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_remote.sln (SLN)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_remote.cwproj (CWPROJ)
• hndapps\hndo.dct (DCT)

This application demonstrates CHT's ListBoxBrowseExtender (LBX) browse template applied in building a Clarion browse for remote data access.

The base browse template is ListBoxBrowseExtender (LBX) configured as: "FillFromCHTServer() -- Remote Data Tables".

The remote server is CHT demo application called HNDPPLLBX_SERVER.APP which you can configure and run on your own hardware.

For easy testing however, we're running an instance of this same server application on our hardware, located in Toronto, Canada.

Instructions that will allow you to connect to our server application are included with the installation instructions in CHTTODO.CLW dated (Aug 11, 2020).

Remote Data Access Server

• hndapps\ (APP)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_server.sln (SLN)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_server.cwproj (CWPROJ)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_server\hndo.tps (DATA)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_server\hndppllbx_servercfg.tps (DATA)
• hndapps\hndppllbx_server\hndppllbx_servermem.tps (DATA)

This TYPE 3 Client Server application is the same one that we have running on our website for you to test with the matching client application called HNDPPLLBX_REMOTE.APP (included in our tookit installation). You can connect to this server [running on our remote hardware] using the connection information provided in your CHT installation information file CHTTODO.CLW.

You can also compile, configure and run this server application locally on your test computer or on your network, and also connect to it with HNDPPLLBX_REMOTE.APP.

The necessary components for this server and the matching client mentioned above are listed in your CHT installation information file CHTTODO.CLW. See the entry dated (August 11, 2020). All required components are shipped with your CHT toolkit installation.

Further Advanced

This 24C.01.00 build now includes a data table of researched IP addresses that have been found, by our own experience and investigation, to be abusive.

Our server templates can optionally have your CHT server read this table into memory via the "Server Safety" switch, and block the IP from connecting to your server.

The data table is called "CHTBLOCKIPDEFS.TPS". You can see it in use on our demonstration servers, for example, HNDSLFSV.APP, HNDSLFSVFX.APP and others. This data table should be kept in the server's .EXE directory.

CHT ships a basic table containing approximately 2000 blocked IP addresses. Our IP filtering code is able to add to this list automatically based on criteria that we've tested extensibly over the last 6-12 months.

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