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You could buy the Softvelocity. The degree of your developmental capacity and market vision is far above that undertaken today (and...) by Softvelocity.

... I believe a person with your ability would make the Clarion 'fly'.

I have to recognize that your work is fantastic, serious, consistent, respecting your customers, including regional (language) characteristics. I do not see how not to use the excellent and useful features offered by CHT. I do not use all the features, but the ones I use are very handy and useful. Demo apps are very important. Help files and videos are essential for anyone who wants to learn.


Thank you for the professional care and respect you have for us.

N. De Carvalho (Brazil)

Thank you for the BRILLIANT service!!! It is a pleasure to use your tools!!!

Thank you.
M. Nel (S. Africa)

Thank you for making such a wonderful toolkit available at an affordable price. I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experiences this year, and wanted to let you know that your hard work is greatly appreciated. Just renewed for 2 years!

A. Chung (CANADA)

Thanks again Gus, worked like a charm...
CHT tools is 10!!

P. Kompier (BRAZIL)

Have you ever been in a mechanic's shop and seen those huge toolboxes that they use? The ones that are taller than you are? That's what CHT is like for me. You can use it day in and day out for months and then, one day, you open a drawer and find a tool you never knew you had.

You're like, "Dang I didn't know I had this tool!" Makes you happy.

"There are 4 or 5 tools in Clarion Handy Tools that alone, I think are worth the entire subscription price. However you get many, many tools for that price. Well worth it!"

D. Ridley (USA)

"Your templates and apps are very impressive. I will probably replace 15 3rd party products with your stuff. I wish I had started using CHT 2 years ago!"

D. Ault (USA)

"I wish I could pay in advance – like a 3 year deal or something – so I would only have to update my account every couple of years. Your service is still the best clarion 3rd party on the planet!"

J. Hrubes (MEXICO)

"I love these templates. Keep finding new stuff I wasn't even expecting when I bought them!"

J. Oehrke (USA)

"I left all other templates and use only Clarion Handy Tools now for mail purposes."

D. Le Duc (FRANCE)

"I want to thank you for your help and suggestions. Your Clarion Handy Tools are great.... they are a great addition in taking my applications to the next level."

J. Heck (USA)

"Just when I think the update and work interface can not get any better you come up with some new stuff to blow my mind. I love the new web update stuff." (He means CHT WEBUPDATER!)

A. Bermudez (USA)

"You could use the line in my last email for your customers page but I still don't really think it does your templates justice. They really are fantastic and I've only used the Browse ones. They provided more functionality in literally 5 seconds than I could have added ever. To even replicate the basic Windows explorer type options would have taken me weeks and then the pain of adding that funtionality to each Browse. Who needs it when your Templates do what I want and I have now added all this extra funtionality for my users that I would never have thought or known how to add. It really does take the user interface to another level. I also like the fact that the templates are provided on a subscription basis which provides a low entry price for adding such functionality. I think there a must for any Clarion ABC user."

K. Plummer (AUSTRALIA)

"Thanks for your efforts - we all take good software for granted and do not pass on our thanks as Clarion users often enough!"

R. Barton (UK)

"Every time I find I need a particular feature I look into Clarion Handy Tools and I usually find something that will do the job. The most productive 3rd party tool I have."

M. Summons (AUSTRALIA)

"I Really, Really like your WEBLOADER. I think it rocks! You never cease to amaze me."

B. Krajmalnik (USA)

"With pleasure, I renewed my lapsed subscription to CHT... My assessment of your tools is that while they are a bit more difficult to implement (for guys like me), it's merely because they are more advanced and reach farther outside of the Clarion envelope. I think your subscription service model is right on. I use a similar model with all of my vertical apps as that is really the only way to keep them going. Having used (a very small subset of) your tools for a couple of years I have always been pleased with your support and your dedication to the tool set. I think the stuff you're doing with server technology is fabulous and I continually look for ways that I might be able to use it. So you've got my dough, and I'm looking forward to another year of CHT. Keep up the good work.

K. Klosson (UK)

I know you hear this often and are probably tired of it, but the newsletter came and it just reminded me to throw a thank you at you again. You have a great set of tools. BTW, at the recent SQL seminar in Las Vegas I happened to win a 1-year subscription. Because my job pays for mine, I passed it along to another at the conference. I hope he realizes how valuable this subscription service is -- it certainly has been to me. I look forward to using more of the features as I move our in-house app to SQL. Keep up the good work.

M. Wenzloff (USA)

"I have also downloaded and will now proceed to get familiar with it as soon as possible. The rate at which you are producing the 'goodies' continues to amaze me, it is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Thanks and best regards."


"You have consistently improved your products and they have been clean and easy to use. AND, if for some reason (I haven't had the need or desire) I need to remove templates of yours I've added, I can do so with little impunity (with the exception that I lose a lot of functionality). So, with that said, keep up the great work - I appreciate it and I don't give many compliments!"

J. Cortenbach (USA)

"I also wish to thank the people of Clarion Handy Tools for creating such a great product. Their templates do what they say and are very easy to use. This is what makes Clarion as complete as it should be. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to the upcoming upgrades. Nick in Vancouver (A happy Clarion user again)"

N. Laforte, Burnaby (CANADA)

"By the way the NEW FEATURE: article on SMTP mail was really great and was very instructive in understanding what it does and how to use it. I like the HTML support it works great and I am looking forward to generating 'creative' emails. I must say that as I discover more and more in Clarion Handy Tools I can only marvel at the effort and functionality you provide."


"As always, your new update is greatly welcomed. BTW, I use several templates out there and I get the best bang for my buck with yours. I thought you would like to know."

A. Bermudez (USA)

"This is a wonderful product. Just the few pieces I have used have saved me a tremendous amount the time. You have a great product that works as advertised, which is more than I can say about some others."

B. Langer (USA)

"Very impressive tool set. I was able to immediately use part of the tools without any problem (ExplorerBrowse) much to the pleasure of my several users."

P. Harder (USA)

"BTW - I have to tip my hat to all the neat goodies you provide and those JumpStart Templates are just icing on the cake!"

R. Eggen (USA)

"I have used Clarion Handy Tools in a major release of software to be used by all Australian doctors (over 20,000 users). Annual savings will exceed $2.5 million p.a. All from $10K of Clarion Software. A great coup for Clarion and Clarion Handy Tools, eh?"

J. Thorley (AUSTRALIA)

"I just want to say that I have never worked with a company who is as thorough as you are. I really appreciate the way you keep all informed and the energy you are putting forth. It is because of your tools that I am moving to ABC on all forward development and I look forward to using only one tool set to get this much functionality."

L. Adams (USA)

"Thanks Gus! This toolset never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work."

T. Shelton (USA)

"A comment - Prior to initially purchasing your tool set I hesitated due to the subscription concept and having to renew each year. After looking back at the updates and considering what one gets for a year's subscription, I would highly recommend to anyone. Definitely a big bang for your buck!"

G. Matteson (USA)

"You have an incredible collection of useful tools and the price is certainly right! Thanks to you for making these tools available to us developers."

R. Johnson (USA)

"Thank you VERY much. Great tool, great support."

E. Campbell (USA)

"I love these templates. I keep finding new stuff I was not even expecting when I bought them!"

J. Oehrke (USA)

"Thanks so much. I feel compelled to tell you that I've never dealt with a company that so consistently produces a superb product, and has such marvelous tech support as well. I can no longer imagine using Clarion without Clarion Handy Tools..."

A. Brayshaw (USA)

"Definitely the best 3rd Party toolkit that I use. A1 support when needed and so many functions to choose from, I still don't think I know all of them. Worth every penny, year in, year out - Well done Gus !"

A. Wilton (UK)

"After download of the Demo-apps and some help-files I could see the contents and functionalities of Clarion Handy Tools. Congratulations for such first-class software and the excellent support I have never seen in any software package. I'm a programmer since 1970 from the beginning with IBM-Mainframes and punch-card up to client/server solutions."

H. Buchecker (Denmark)

"I am truly impressed by the tremendous quality of your product, the look and feel and the thousands of hours you've put in. It will be a pleasure to use!"

H. Manney (USA)

"I am amazed at how many tools of your own you have layered together. That is the concept of Clarion, but you have certainly given 'template' a new meaning."

D. Farley (USA)

"I really like the way you do business. Your service level and communication with your subscriber base is incredible."

J. Tinsley, Jr. (USA)

"Thanks, the system is ready and BTW the HandyMarkerBrowse is terrific."

J. Herrera (COLOMBIA)

"I have just upgraded to your latest release. What can I say? You guys are the best! Its like someone answered my prayers and solved my problems!! It works great, and I just can't believe the timing of the upgrade. Many thanks guys."


"Thanks for the support and keep up the good work. Your product is BY FAR the best 3rd party tool out there."

J. McElhatton (USA)

"To put all of this into one word, WOW. These templates are as valuable as the Clarion tool itself. If SV had these as a part of the product they would have sold in millions. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to find more great stuff in the next release."

A. Knudsen (USA)

I would just like to thank you all for the very efficient way you handled my problems, and got me connected. Once again, many thanks, and I would appreciate it if you could forward this to Gus as well (as quickly as the problem ones!)."

I. Macaskill (SOUTH AFRICA)

"I am very happy with Clarion Handy Tools and glad to hear about up coming goodies. Very promising and really powerful."
D. Karamarko (CROATIA)

"Amazing! Never seen this level of service. Wish SoftVelocity had more of this too!"


"Thank you for your help with my question. Credit goes to you for a project finished on time and budget."

R. Hall (USA)

"Your latest build amazed me. The Outlook templates in particular were a much appreciated addition!"

S. Wicks (USA)

"The secret is out - time to get serious. I second the vote on a great product (and support)"

G. Stanley (USA)

"A great addition to my toolbox."

S. Walker (USA)

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