What's New - January 2015


January 19, 2015

Small 19A.00.00 Build Update For C9.1

At 11:00 AM this morning, January 19, 2015, we posted a small update to build 19A.00.00 for C91. This is an un-numbered update. In other words it wasn't a large enough update to warrant a a build number change.

You can pick this up any time by running your C9.1 Webupdater.

We will have the C9.0 version of Build 19A.00.00 available for you by the end of this week.

Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 19, 2015

January 11, 2015

CHT First Quarter Build 19A.00.00 Now Available For C9.1

Late last night, Jan 10, 2014 we completed upload and install testing of first quarter 2015 build 19A.00.00 for Clarion 9.1.

Since we do all forward development and testing now using C9.1 that's the first one that we're able to post. And it's there now if you run your C9.1 Webupdater.

Our policy for the time being continues to be to supply complete up-to-date builds for C9.1 AND C9.0. CHT builds for earlier Clarion versions are version-frozen but still available to you if you need them.

It's easy enough to move templates and classes from C9.1 to C9.0 at this end and post that, since templates and classes for C9.1 and C9.0 are identical. But it takes time and testing to move forward the demo apps and utilities, a certain number of which are Clarion version specific. That's the long way of saying that it may be another week or more before we're able to post the 19A.00.00 version for C9.0.


CHT Snap-Ins Interface Expanding

This has been a while in the making, but with the current build (19A.00.00) you will see some new items in the CHT Snap-Ins Interface.


Our very first "Snap-In" was "CHT SnapSend", an error reporting tool that integrates with your Clarion application to report procedure errors from your application including screen shots and text-file values extracted from your procedures to report on a variety of conditions inside the snap-captured procedure window.

The newest Snap-Ins, three in all, to be introduced with build 18D.03.00 are:

The images which follow will give you a brief synopsis of what these things are and what they do.




These three, new Snap-Ins, MAY be used outside the context of your application. In other words, they can stand alone and do not necessarily need to be integrated into your Clarion application. So they can be run from the DOS command line, or from a batch file if you want to do that.

However, their real value to many of you will be to provide quick-as-a-flash, pre-built functionality that can be dropped onto and integrated with your application in a matter of minutes.

The snap-in interface prepares your app by adding a few global CHT templates to your application, and configuring your Application's .SHP list and copying the .EXE (and sometimes DLLs) to your application directory.

After that's done, you can, on the application window of your choice, drop any of the following control templates in order to call the related "Snap-In" application silently as if it were a DLL component in your application.

These templates are as follows:
SnapEditStartButton - Button Control with attached configurable code starts editor
SnapSMTPStartButton -Two Button Controls (send + configure) with code sends via SMTP
SnapMAPIStartButton - Button Control with attached configurable code send via MAPI




New Snap-Ins Demo Application

We have created a new demo application HNDTESTCHTSNAPTOOLS.APP to show you how easy it is to use these three, new Snap-Ins and leverage their capabilities in your applications.


There will be more of these "Snap-Ins" added to the interface in the coming months. Along with demo applications showing you how they're used.

Some time in 2015, the multi-purpose editor will also appear as a Control Template that may be mounted onto a Clarion window so that it integrates with the Clarion window.

Snap-In executable names starting with "CHT" are built 100% with C#. Presently all 4 Snap-Ins presented in the Snap-In global interface are C# apps. Snap-In executable names starting with "HND" (coming to the Snap-In global interface in 2015) are Clarion apps.

CHT build 18D.03.00 build will be posted to C9.1 and to C9.0 before the end of next week (Dec 14th - 30th), in time for Christmas.

Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 11, 2015

January 1, 2015





CHT First Quarter Build 19A.00.00 Coming Jan 10, 2015

We'll be releasing the new 19A.00.00 (First Quarter 2015) Build by January 10, 2015. As usual, we'll post notice of this on the CHT forum as well as in this January "What's New" Page. All of the "New" items mentioned on our December 2104 page, will be included in this build.


The Latest Docs

The latest template docs are here: CHT Template Docs

The latest demo application docs are here: CHT Application Docs

The latest utility application docs are here: CHT "Utility" App Docs

The latest "Batch Bot" application docs are here: CHT "Batch Bot" App Docs

The latest classes docs are here: CHT Classes Docs


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 1, 2015