What's New - January 2016


January 30, 2016

CHT Build 20A.00.00 Now Available

CHT Build 20A.00.00 is now available for download/installation via Webupdater C10.

To update properly, please exit Clarion 10 and navigate to your windows START Button area in the lower left corner of your screen. There under ALL APPS you'll find a menu item folder called "The Clarion Handy Tools C10".

When you open this folder and see the listed items, you'll see at the bottom of the list an item entitled: CHT WEBUPDATER C10 (UPDATE-INSTALL). Click this item and you're on your way.

The latest CHT WebupdaterC10 is version: JAN.31.2016.C0116 as in the next image:


Before you start your upate, pull down the "Config" menu and check the item called "Auto Continue" as shown in the image. This ensures that those of you asleep at the wheel will click Continue all the way through to the end of both the download installation phase and the decontainerization installation phase. (see next image):


We'll inform you on the CHT forum, as well as here, on our What's New Pages, and via HTML emails, some relevant changes and additions in this build.

New And Noteworthy -- CHT's 20th Year

This year, 2016, marks our 20th year in the Clarion 3rd Party Extension business. And during that time we've kept you (Clarion Developers in 25 countries) working forward and smoothly transitioning through five different versions of Clarion, that is, Clarion 5 through Clarion 10.

Even though we're not going to make too big a deal about this milestone anniversary, so that you can continue to rely on us for continued expansion of our toolkit's capabilities at the same brisk pace, we hope you won't mind us taking a moment, here and there, to blow our own horn a little bit through the course of 2016.

In no particular order of priority, here are some things you can look for from CHT in 2016:


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 30, 2016


January 22, 2016

Try These CHT Demo Installers

We've just today, revised the 4 demo app installers called:


These were properly configured before we moved over to our new server hardware in December 2015, but fell through the cracks after that until we had time to bring them up to date.

You can test an across-the-web install with any one of them. Each installer is stored in a zip on our website, as follows:

• HNDSETUPMKR.APP - link: http://www.cwhandy.ca/setup/hndbrwclsetup.zip
This installer (in the most recent revison) now installs HNDBRWCL.EXE (the CHT forum browser) onto your machine.

• HNDSETUPMKR.APP_1 - link: http://www.cwhandy.ca/setup/hndscrptsetup.zip
This installer (in the most recent revison) now installs HNDSCRPT.EXE (the CHT Web Scripter) onto your machine.

• HNDSETUPMKR.APP_2 - link: http://www.cwhandy.ca/setup/hndbackupconfigsetup.zip
This installer (in the most recent revision) now installs HNDBACKUPCONFIG.EXE (the CHT apps/dcts backup tool) onto your machine.

• HNDSETUPMKR.APP_3 - link: http://www.cwhandy.ca/setup/hndvideoeducationsetup.zip
This installer (in the most recent revision) now installs HNDVIDEOEDUCATION.EXE (the CHT Educational Video Player) onto your machine.

Steps to testing:
** 1 Download one of the installers by clicking the link for it above.
** 2 Open the zip and Extract the contents to your download area (windows will ask for approval)
** 3 In all cases you should start the installer in "run as administrator" mode.
** 4 Once the zip is extacted right-click to start installer (in admin mode) inside and give the O/S approval to let it run.
** 5 Once the installer starts just follow the prompts to complete the installation.
** 6 The installer will create a temporary folder on your desktop called CHT_APPS which after installing one app contains 3 links (a run link, a log link and an update/remove link). If you install all three apps you'll get six links in all each of which clearly indicates which app it is for.

The apps can be uninstalled using the link provided for each. Note that when you uninstall the last app, (if you installed more than one) it clears the CHT_APPS folder off your desktop.

If you're going to try this, with any or all of these downloadable installers try the uninstall too after testing that the app installed correctly. After all, successful and clean uninstall is just as important as initial installation.

We will follow this posting up as soon as we can with some pictures as to how these apps are created and how the installation containers are created.

FWIW --- these revised demo installers will be part of the CHT toolkit Build 20.00.00 which we will post approximately January 31, 2016. I'm hoping a few of you, at least, will take some interest in testing them and letting me know how you make out both with installation and installation removal.

Also FWIW--- We tested ourselves to see how quickly we could build an install starting with an already completed app to be installed.
• We can build the installer in less than a minute.
• We can package the app to be installed either manually with hndsetup in about a minute. Or we can package the app to be installed automatically just by compiling it and tweaking one of our template settings (that takes as much time as it takes to compile the app)
• Uploading we use HNDSETUP.APP to upload the container. (10 seconds)
• Uploading we use HNDZIPNPOSTTOCHTSERVER.APP to zip and upload the installer. (10 seconds to configure and another 10 seconds to upload).

In all, say 3-5 minutes for us to create an install for an existing app.

In your case if you're translating the screen prompts and changing the installer screen image, the first installer might take half an hour. After that you can create other installers from it just by copying your app to a different name. That's all we did with the above three.


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 22, 2016

January 1, 2016 - Happy New Year 2016!

Our best wishes to you and your family for this brand NEW YEAR.


We're looking forward to serving you in 2016!


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 1, 2015


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Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
January 1, 2016