What's New - June 2016


June 30, 2016

Build 20C.00.00 Released

We sent out the Build 20C.00.00 announcement this morning. If it went into your spam bucket you can read all about this latest CHT build, here: CHT Build 20C.00.00 Just Posted.

Have fun!

See you in July!


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
June 30, 2016

June 24, 2016

More About CHT-XSA-Projects

Our first four CHT-XSA-PROJECTS will be available to you as of the next CHT Build scheduled for release JUNE 30, 2016 numbered Build 20C.00.00. Together these four ready-to-compile projects constitute a package called "CHT-XSA-KIT-01".

This is the first of several such kits. Each kit, having a different theme or end use objective. This first kit is aimed at helping developers efforts with E-COMMERCE. That is, with selling and delivering their software via the web.


This first, and subsequent "KITS", will be delivered to CHT-Subscribers via a separate installer that our Webupdater will drop with other CHT Utility executables into your /accessory/hnd/ directory. That separate installer executable is called: "hndxsakit1setup.exe". The source .APP for this installer is also available in your /hndapps/ directory as "hndxsakit1setup.app" so you can see how it works and how it is constructed. You can decide when you update to Build 20.C, whether you're interested in CHT-XSA-PROJECTS, or not by either running the installer or ignoring it. As a CHT subscriber you're entitled to download and install CHT-XSA-PROJECTS at no extra charge, in keeping with our "subscribers get everything" policy.

We will be selling these CHT-XSA-PROJECT-KITS separately to non-subscribers along with the CHT classes underlying them. CHT-XSA-PROJECT-KITS, as we've said in prior postings, do not require CHT templates to be compiled into viable, finished binaries, ready to run after some easy, end-user customization with the Clarion IDE. We will sell each kit for approximately $99.00.

Since the kits themselves do not include the CHT classes that they're built on, we've decided to provide a separate pre-kit requirement SKU also for, $99.00 which includes the CHT classes and a variety of icons and images as may be required by the various project kits. This $99.00 CHT-XSA-CLASSES-IMAGES package, is not going to be a "subscription" per-se, but a one-off with 1 year of update privileges. Although, as our classes evolve, parts of them change so even this pre-kit-component will eventually need to be updated, when the 1-year free-update privilege period has passed. But that can be performed with an classes-images update release which the developer can purchase as needed.

Once a developer has this "CHT XSA-CLASSES" component, they can purchase other "Kits" separately (to be announced) without having to again purchase the "CHT XSA-CLASSES" component SKU.

These first four XSA-PROJECTS in CHT-XSA-KIT-01, will install to this location once the installer is run.

/accessory/xsaprojects/hndslfcmd/ (CHT-XSA-01)
/accessory/xsaprojects/hndslfsv/ (CHT-XSA-02)
/accessory/xsaprojects/hndsetup/ (CHT-XSA-03)
/accessory/xsaprojects/hndsetupmkr/ (CHT-XSA-04)

More about CHT-XSA-PROJECT-KITS in upcoming postings.


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
June 24, 2016

June 07, 2016

About CHT-XSA-Projects

We've been telling you about our stand-alone, template-less projects, being introduced as components of CHT, and have talked about these in some detail in previous postings.

This posting will help to bring you up to date with recent decisions and developments at our end regarding these.

We now have an acronym for these things, one which we'll be using for the foreseeable future, that is: XSA. This acronym, derives from: e(X)tra, (S)tand-(A)lone.

Our standard, and oldest, acronym has always been HND, which we're sure you know stands for "(H)A(ND)Y". Our file names, from application names to image names to installation container names have always used this acronym in their first three letters, and will continue to do so.

So, if the file name starts with HND its from us!

Our second-oldest acronym is CHT, standing for (C)larion (H)andy (T)ools, came along a number of years after we got to be known in daily parlance as "Handy Tools". These three letters, however, have always been incorporated in our logo, which we've had almost from day one.

Our name was always, Clarion Handy Tools, but somehow this got shortened by the user base to "Handy Tools". We began to encourage the use of CHT at some point because that's easier to use in both spoken and written language and it re-affirms the "Clarion" part.

In the subject line of this posting, we're using the term CHT-XSA-Projects, because the product, is Clarion Projects, not Clarion Applications. These projects compile to Clarion EXE's using the Clarion IDE's standard compiler, just the same as the .APPs that you're all by now intimately familiar with, but "Projects" are provided as (.CWPROJ + .SLN + .CLW), while "Applications" are provided as (.CWPROJ + .SLN + .APP).

So the only thing that differs with PROJECTS is the .APP part, the rest is the same. These projects are EXTRA because as CHT subscribers you have unbridled access to them as part of your standard subscription. An "EXTRA" bonus, if you like.

These XSA PROJECTS are also STAND-ALONE because you do not need any of our templates to compile them into complete, runnable and useful .EXEs, identical to the .EXEs you're able to make with our .APPs.

That doesn't mean our templates aren't important. It only means that in packaging XSA-PROJECTS, we're picking up the finished code AFTER it generates from an .APP into a .CLW, and we're shipping the generated .CLW instead of the .APP.

We've already indicated why we're doing that, and it has to do with broadening our user-base. We will elaborate more on the why of XSA-Projects in upcoming What's New postings like this one.

Since XSA-Projects are finished, stand-alone projects, in the sense that their functionality is complete and working as intended, they can be customized with a minimum of effort, though doing that requires a working knowledge of the Clarion language. To that end, we'll even mark some of the more obvious sections of .CLW code (see image below) that developers, intending to re-purpose these projects, are likely to want to change. Most changes we expect, will be of a cosmetic nature, including names and images, rather than functional changes. Though these are equally possible.


We'll continue this discussion in a second posting about XSA but before we conclude this one, we'll summarize the acronyms and say a little more about the CHT acronym which has already undergone partial repurposing, though you may not yet be aware of it.

The Acronyms: HND, CHT and now XSA

HND denotes coming from us, and the product is Clarion based.

XSA will also denote that the product comes from us, and that it is Clarion based, but with the extra meaning that when XSA appears in the name, for example, HNDSLFSVXSA.CLW, the item so named is part of our XSA-Projects initiative in addition to being from us.

CHT denotes coming from us, and with a small portion of binary componentry, has already come to mean they are C-Sharp based. For example, CHTSNAPZIP.EXE, CHTSNAPEDIT.EXE. We're contemplating a second logo based on the original CHT logo, incorporating a stylized # symbol to replace the H. We'll use that logo with C-Sharp based components whenever a logo is incorporated.

In summary, when a binary component such as an .EXE or .DLL is provided by us, and its file name starts with the CHT acronym, that component has been developed in C-Sharp. Further on, at such time we begin shipping C-Sharp source projects and plug-ins, those file names will also start with CHT.

More about XSA-PROJECT KITS and C-Sharp componentry will be forthcoming in subsequent postings.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
June 7, 2016

The Latest Docs

The latest template docs are here: CHT Template Docs

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The latest utility application docs are here: CHT "Utility" App Docs

The latest "Batch Bot" application docs are here: CHT "Batch Bot" App Docs

The latest classes docs are here: CHT Classes Docs


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
June 1, 2016