What's New - May 2016


May 26, 2016

CHT Stand-Alone Projects

Our first set of "standalone" projects, which we wrote about in our last update newsletter which you can access here if you'd like to review what that was about, are as follows:

HNDSLFCMDSA.CWPROJ -- standalone project for command-line uploader/downloader

This project is based on CHT utility HNDSLFCMD.APP which you can compile, test and examine from your HNDAPPS directory.

HNDSLFSVSA.CWPROJ -- standalone project for webserver

This is based on CHT utility server HNDSLFSV.APP which you can compile, test and examine from your HNDAPPS directory.

HNDSLFINSTALLSA.CWPROJ -- standalone project for across-the-web-installer

This is based on CHT utility installer HNDSETUPMKR.APP which you can compile, test and examine from your HNDAPPS directory.

HNDSLFSETUPSA.CWPROJ -- standalone project for installation container building

This is based on CHT utility HNDSETUP.APP which you can compile, test and examine from your hndapps directory.

The first two of the above 4 projects are finished and will be available in source code as well as pre-compiled in the upcoming update 20B.01.00. All standalone projects will be delivered to you ready to use/compile/modify/adapt and will be located in a directory called /hndprojects/ below your c10 install directory (whatever that is at your end).

These projects while available to you as a normal part of your CHT subscription, are also going to be available to non-subscribers as part of a paid-for "KIT", in two forms described below.

The purpose of this first "kit" will be to allow any software developer to deliver both a static website as well as provide across-the-web file and installation delivery. In other words, this is everything the will need (aside from an internet connection) to run a SOFTWARE ECOMMERCE operation.

The two forms available to non-subscribers as stand-alone, paid-for kits, will be as follows:

Precompiled ready to use kit with 4 components (as above) + manual & video...

The only source code available with this cheaper version of the "kit" is the installer project (HNDSLFINSTALLSA.CWPROJ) so that the developer can build as many different installation projects as he/she requires to run their software e-commerce operation.

Precompiled ready-to-use kit with 4 components + manual & video...

This second, more expensive, kit will contain source code for all for project components so that these too can be customized as necessary.

These first two kits are built of entirely with Clarion 10 (or higher) componentry. And as we've indicated, you who are already CHT subscribers do NOT NEED TO PAY FOR SEPARATELY as they will already be provided to you as part of the standard CHT subscription. Including the manual and video.

What this does for CHT is to open up extra Clarion-code markets. In this case, those markets include any developer who has in mind the operation of a SOFTWARE E-COMMERCE site. This first offering is obviously aimed at Clarion developers, since the installer requires a C10 compiler to build. The delivered software products, that he/she delivers with this kit, however, do not need to be built with Clarion, obviously.

CHT has had more than 20 years of software e-commerce experience and we have a lot to offer, by way of tools, advice and methodology, so there will be related "Kits" offered down the line as well as non-Clarion (C#) end-use-products.

That's all for now, keep any eye open, on or after May 31, 2016, for our next build update and related other announcements.


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
May 26, 2016

May 18, 2016

CHT Sample Project [01] - Setup Wizard

We've revised this setup wizard. It installs "CHT Sample Project [1]". This is a stand alone Clarion Project utilizing CHT classes without any templates.

The project being installed is HNDSLFCMDSA.CWPROJ. This is a "PROJECTIZED" version of an app you already have in your toolkit called HNDSLFCMD.APP.

We'd appreciate any and all of you who are interested to give this installer a test.

The installer may be obtained here: HNDSLFCMDSASETUP.ZIP

Here are the setup steps in the form of pictures:

Extract the zip (do not run the app inside the zip until you've extracted it from the zip).








On your desktop you will find a folder called: "CHT_PROJECTS".

If you click on the "_RUN" item, Clarion and the project will open up ready to be compiled. This assumes you have Clarion 10 properly installed. This version should install and compile correctly regardless of whether you have CHT installed or not. If you DO have CHT installed, please do NOT run the UNINSTALL link that comes with this as it will delete some of your CHT classes. To get rid of the desktop folder we've created, just drag that folder to the Recycle Bin. The items installed (see the .LOG) will in the future become part of a standard CHT installation anyway so they do not (should not) be uninstalled unless your testing on a Clarion 10 installation that does not yet have CHT installed.

We'd appreciate any and all letting me know how you make out.


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
May 18, 2016

May 10, 2016

Gus Back From Holidays

Just letting you know that Gus is back from a 3 week holiday today, and back at his desk working on the the next CHT update.


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
May 10, 2016

May 1, 2016

The Latest Docs

The latest template docs are here: CHT Template Docs

The latest demo application docs are here: CHT Application Docs

The latest utility application docs are here: CHT "Utility" App Docs

The latest "Batch Bot" application docs are here: CHT "Batch Bot" App Docs

The latest classes docs are here: CHT Classes Docs


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
May 1, 2016