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(CHT Class Library Source)

This CHT Component includes 130 CHT Class Libraries constructed of pure Clarion source code normally included in a full Toolkit for CHT Subscribers.

In a modern Clarion application, as you probably know, the templates rely on Class Libraries to do the real work of any Clarion-extending toolkit like CHT. While CHT templates provide a convenience interface to the CHT classes, assisting the developer with their use, these classes, in combinations with CHT Binaries, are perfectly capable of doing everything functionally, that CHT + Template + Classes + Binaries are capable of doing.

To read more about CHT Class Libraries please click the following link:

About CHT Class Libraries

All of the above Class Library items may be used from inside Clarion applications and projects with or without CHT templates depending on your Clarion skill level.

If you're used to building Clarion .APPs only, then you're a template-level developer. A passable skill-set, but very limited. Templates, after all, are a lot like trace-art, in that they force you to follow an outline of how a given app should be built. Fine, if it keeps you out of trouble, but limiting if it forces your design into a "can't get there from here", situation.

If you're able to write, compile, and use Clarion Projects, which require no templates, then these classes will add approximately 6000 command keywords to the Clarion language which natively has less than 300 such keywords built-in.

CHT Class Libraries expand your Clarion command vocablulary by 2000 percent.

All CHT-XSA-Project Kits are dependent on this CHT Component being put in place at the same time.

CHT-XSA-Kit-01 requires as a pre-requisite, only this CHT Component and our (no-charge) CHT Images Component.

This CHT Class Library Source Code Complete component comes with one year of update privileges. However, our generous policy regarding updates for products from our CHT Components category extends your update privileges for this specific component, another year from date of purchase or update, of any other CHT Component or XSA-KIT.

Price of this item subject to change without notice.

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