What's New - September 2015


September 21, 2015

Using The CHT Forum Support Client

Our forum client app, called "CHT FORUM SUPPORT CLIENT" has a browser embedded inside a Clarion application. While allowing you to browse our support forum, we've provided in this Clarion application, extra tools to assist you with uploading your images to our server and then to paste image links into your message.

The image links created as you upload, are correctly formattted for you and placed on the clipboard so that you can paste them into your message at the appropriate places.

First off, how do you start this CHT FORUM SUPPORT CLIENT?

We've provided an interface to this app from EVERY CHT template in our toolkit. You'll see that in a minute. Our installer also provides a set of "Start Button" menus that you can navigate to find the CHT FORUM SUPPORT CLIENT as well as 30 or so other CHT utility apps. If you have Windows 10, the start button menu is not very different from the one that used to be in Windows 7 and earlier so finding our toolkit's installation menus is not "rocket science".

Here are some images that illustrate how to view the utility links we've installed from Webupdater. These images are from Windows 7, but are not significantly different from what one would find in Windows 10. (See next 2 images.)



The menus shown in the second image, above, point to the /accessory/hnd/ directory under your Clarion install location. Illustrated, are some of the utility support apps from CHT available there. The CHT FORUM SUPPORT CLIENT executable file is called HNDBRWCL.EXE.


Launching CHT Forum Support Client From Our Templates

Now that's one way to find the CHT Forum Client. Another way is simply to open any CHT template interface and to find the "SUBSCRIBER SUPPORT SERVICES" dialog and to open it. There you will see as follows:


Select the "CHT Support Forum" dialog and you will be taken to the same HNDBRWCL.EXE executable mentioned above.

The next few images take us through the steps of uploading your images to our server and embedding image links into your messages.





Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
September 21, 2015

September 1, 2015

Build Update 19C.03.00 For C10 Posted

We've just posted and install tested Build 19C.03.00 for C10.

This is an incremental update on the 3rd quarter build 19C.

New template: RunCHTSnapEdit

Code Changes:
• Major (on-going) work with the HNDJSON class (HNDJSON.INC/.CLW)
• Major (on-going) work with the HNDSOCKET class (HNDSOCKET.INC/.CLW)
• Significant changes to HNDSMTP class to accommodate SV changes to CLARUNEXT.DLL
• Significant changes to Batch Bot app HNDMAILSMTP.APP to accommodate a --FROM parameter as well as HTML-style mail with the --FILE parameter (mail body file is HTML).
• Significant changes to HNDCHATSVR.APP (chat server) and HNDCHATCLNT.APP (chat client)

Workshop Wednesdays Are Back From Summer Break

Now that September is nearly here and most people's summer holidays are winding down, we're bringing back Workshop Wednesdays.

During the month of September Gus will have a co-host for the 5 Wednesays in September. Many thanks to Paul Epner, for volunteering to co-host the workshops with me.

This Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 the workshop will be on the topic of mail by CHT batch-bot, specifically HNDMAILSMTP.EXE. The workshop will start at 11:00 AM sharp. A link to the workshop will be posted on the CHT developer forum. You only need to click that link in order to tune in and audit the workshop.

We're going to try and keep these things to 1 hour (11AM to Noon EDT). That should be enough to give you a taste for what this specific SMTP email batch bot can do and how to use it in the context of Snap-In templates and HNDSNAPCALL class.

Paul has volunteered his time for 5 workshops in September.

We're still looking for volunteers to take on the co-hosting chair in October, November and December. Hoping to mix up the hosting duties a little bit, so if you're interested in taking on co-hosting duties for 4 Wednesdays in a row for any of those months, drop Gus an email at gcreces@cwhandy.com.

Your job as co-host is primarily to have enough interesting questions about Clarion 10 and CHT to provide for an hour of attention-getting discussion.

See you Wednesday at 11:AM EDT, Sept 2nd, 2015.

The Latest Docs

The latest template docs are here: CHT Template Docs

The latest demo application docs are here: CHT Application Docs

The latest utility application docs are here: CHT "Utility" App Docs

The latest "Batch Bot" application docs are here: CHT "Batch Bot" App Docs

The latest classes docs are here: CHT Classes Docs


Gus Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page
September 1, 2015